Breathing easy.

Yesterday, was the first Sunday of the 2010 NFL season; so we didn’t really get that much work done.  But, we did manage to clean up our current apartment some, make a trip to Home Depot, and work at the house for about 4 hours.
We finished stripping the rest of the wallpaper in the living room and dining room.  I finished cleaning out the fridge and freezer (because I couldn’t keep any drink or food in there until it was done).  Pat was able to clean up some of the dirt and bugs with the awesome shop vac we bought.
The PEEL-AWAY didn’t work as well as we’d hoped … and since we have SO many other projects, I think we are scrapping that one.  We’ll paint it and it’ll look fine … maybe we’ll take that on in the future?

Today, Pat took the day off work … to work.  He also met the electric guy to read the meter in the basement and met with a painter lady to give us a quote on painting the front half of the house.  We’re probably going to do it ourselves, but she came recommended at reasonable rates … so we’ll see what reasonable means to other people.  It would be nice to just have her do the work, and for it to look professional – apparently she knew a lot about painting and fixing our slight wall problems, and some tricks and tips.  She has to mail us a quote because she is just learning how to use a computer … we might be done painting before we know what it would have cost.
Pat also ripped out the carpets in every room but the den … Oh, how fresh the air smells when compared to just yesterday!  It was so nice in there; I didn’t even have to wear a mask today!  And, it looks SO SO SO much better already.

And, we got most of the 2+ layers of wallpaper off of the walls in the Den.  This has been by far the hardest out of the front rooms.  The walls are patched in places, and there are multiple layers of wallpaper with some kind of plaster/spackle in between some of the layers, and what we think is also a layer of paint in there?  Anyway, the paint lady told Pat that she would probably take it all off if it were her house … we’ll see how that goes.  We’ve got the bottom half mostly done, and the top half is painted over already.


And, finally … the floors in the bedrooms/den.  We think that maybe parts of the house were added on in the 50s.  Both bedrooms have original hardwoods throughout 2/3 of the room, and then an added-on section that is not done well, nor does it match.  It was a disappointment; but, we have a hardwood floor specialist coming out on Friday to give us our options.  So, since we both like a nice carpet, if need be, as a final resort, we can always carpet those two rooms.

Now for beer and bed.

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