The Kitchen. (and more vomiting.)

Here’s a little story.  It all started with a nail.  It was late.  It was Saturday night.  We had just gotten back from dinner and a few drinks at a local bar and grill.  It was 10pm or later.  We had spent the morning running errands, and the afternoon drilling, screwing (actual screws with screwdrivers), … More The Kitchen. (and more vomiting.)

Best. Week.

It has been an AMAZING past week.  I mean seriously.  We have gotten SO much done that it is unbelievable.  And we actually did some of the work ourselves!  The big stuff (kitchen cabinets) we can’t take credit for, but we can take credit for tying up a lot of loose ends and making this place look phenomenal (just one … More Best. Week.


We’ve had 2 different painters come out to the house to quote us some work.  The first lady came back in September when we were still fixing stuff up and not living there.  She said she would mail us the quote the following week because she didn’t use computers well.  Never got the quote in … More Weird.