On the fast track.

I am making up for lost time here … 3 posts (almost) within a week!  There has just been so much happening so quickly here and I want to get it all down so we can look back on it to see just how much progress we’ve made.  Because we have made a lot.  And … More On the fast track.

Another Update.

And my second December post!!  Who says that just because I got a late start posting in December, I can’t get several posts in before the end of the month! So, the house is coming along swiftly this month.  It seems like every time we leave the house, we come home and something new is … More Another Update.

The Update Post.

I started this post about 3 weeks ago, with the intention of posting a few times in December – because we have a lot going on! But alas, things happened (good & bad), and here I am, a week before Christmas with no December posts yet. And, to top that all off, I am taking … More The Update Post.