On the fast track.

I am making up for lost time here … 3 posts (almost) within a week!  There has just been so much happening so quickly here and I want to get it all down so we can look back on it to see just how much progress we’ve made.  Because we have made a lot.  And it’s amazing to us when we stop to think that we’ve only owned the house for 3 months now (and 2.5 weeks), and only lived there for 2 months (and 1.5 weeks).  Crazy

Although, we definitely would not be getting as much done this fast without help (the paid professional help).  So, the plumbing inspection was the day before Christmas Eve, and it went fabulously!  The crew was able to start assembling our bathroom … everything is in order and ready to go!  As I previously (incorrectly) stated that all of the plumbing was done – of course it’s not done!  The plumber can’t do the second half of his job until after the first bathroom is done.  Why not (you probably already figured it out, smarty)?  Because we have to have a bathroom to use!  Duh, Marissa.  But he is scheduled to finish the updating to the plumbing after the contractors are done with all their work. 

Here is the updated pictures of the bathroom with the work before Christmas … hopefully they’ll be able to finish before New Year’s, maybe?  (But, like we’ve been told … drywalling and tiling can be a lot of waiting; waiting for mud/grout to dry before new coats and sanding … kind of like all the time we spent hurrying up to wait for the spackle in the cracks to dry, sand, repeat before painting.  Ugh.)

Before Christmas Pics:

And two more after Christmas pics … yesterday they started putting the tile in around the shower!

We had a good Christmas … my parents, brothers, and sister-in-law were able to make it to our house to visit. We had a pretty uneventful, relaxing day, with good food. I successfully made my first Christmas dinner – prime rib, cauliflower bake, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, spinach salad, baked apples, and cheesecake … and it all came out together and hot using just my one oven (well, except for the salad and cheesecake … and also I had some help from my mom, who has done this a couple/few times before!  And, a thanks to Liz for bringing the pumpkin rolls, cranberry butter, and marshmallows – they were delicious!)

We do wish we would have been able to spend time with other family members … my sister and her family didn’t travel due to kids and newborns, and Pat’s family was scattered across the country (and I mean across); but hopefully we’ll be able to see and visit with everyone (or most) over the next few months … and hopefully their Christmas’s were good too!

And, a few pics of new stuff in the house …

The final piece to my dining room set … my parents were able to bring it down with them!

A lovely centerpiece sent by my grandma for Christmas … THANK YOU!!!

The only tree we had this year, for our first Christmas in our first house … it’s fiber-optic and Pat’s favorite!

This is what it looks like lit-up (pic taken without the flash) – it is futuristic Chirstmas!

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