Sunday & Monday … The anniversary is over.

So, Patty & Tom left early on Sunday morning and so we were up and at it.  We got some breakfast, made a stop at Home Depot, and headed back to the house.  We put in a full day’s worth of work.  We finished scrapping the paper off the walls in the den – we had to take turns doing this because our arms started out sore from the day before.  There was still quite a bit of wallpaper and paint left!  We also dug out and filled ceiling cracks and wall cracks, which will need a couple more takes before sanding and hopefully they look awesome!  And, I cleaned up our tools (very necessary project!).  We were spending a lot of time just looking for the right tools, so I organized them in our dining room hutch.  Then I organized all of our cleaning supplies in the kitchen cabinet so our counters were clear to work on.  Plus, I knew that my mom was coming to help us out this week … so this way, she’d know where everything was while she was working hard while we were at work all day!

My mom arrived shortly after we got home from work on Monday evening.  We ate some sandwiches and then headed over to the house.  The city allows for 2 dumpster drop-offs/pick-ups and 2 large item pick-ups per house each year; so we opted to use one of our large item pick-ups for all the stinky carpet and padding!  Our garage had become unusable since the carpet had been sitting out there stinking it all up.  So, we put on our masks and re-rolled, stuffing into garbage bags, and pulled everything out of the garage to the driveway.  The previous family either all had asthma, or absolutely no allergies because they became immune to it all!

Then, Pat re-spackled some of the cracks while I showed my mom around and discussed what she should do this week.  We called it an early night because Pat had to finish some actual work … and my mom and I made a trip to Meijer for some needed supplies for wall washing before we paint.  (Painting is actually on the horizon and although it’s going to be work … it’s visible progress and we’ll feel like we’re getting somewhere when we see the house!)

We’ve scheduled the floor guy, giving ourselves a clear deadline of when all this work actually NEEDS to be done … it’s going to be close, but we’ll make it work.  Also, we scheduled a duct and furnace cleaning service to come out tomorrow.  They’ll suck all of the stupid smell and dirtiness out of our ducts, sanitize them all to kill and prevent any build-up/mold in there, clean the furnace and blower, and clean our air conditioning coil!  I am super excited!  This task was not on the original list, but after getting in there and seeing how these people lived, I don’t think that I could have moved in and turned the heat on without doing this … just thinking of all the dust and dander that is probably down in those ducts makes me sick-o-rama!

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