We both win.

So, I’ll just say it … I didn’t get 5 of those items done this week … you win.  BUT, I did get a lot done, so I’m counting it as a win too.

We completed 3 1/2 of the 8 items – I’m counting the 1/2 towards my bedroom because I did clean up the laundry area and move our cedar chest in there, and also put some laundry away, and swifter … but the infamous pile has not budged, not even a little.  And, really I’m now saying that it was out of 7 items, because once I thought about having my dad hang the light fixture, I knew I certainly wasn’t going to do it beforehand!

So, feast your eyes on this … just look at our house.  It’s amazing what a little cleaning (okay, a lot) and a little re-arranging will do to a place.  It feels bigger and more spacious.  And, everytime it’s clean and crisp inside, we sit back to enjoy it and talk about how much we both really love our house … and that’s a happy story!  (Plus, we’ve been able to start opening the windows a few days at a time and it’s just totally awesome!)

Spring has arrived! (but brought the rain with it …)
FYI – This is the view from the window by my chair in the living room!

 So, the cabinets look really good here … but they are still chipping, so at least they’re up and the kitchen is functional again, but we’ll have to redo them correctly, one at a time.  Oh well.

You can barely see the filler that he put in since the old hinges came through the cabinet doors …  

 The crystal light that Pat so abruptly ruined when we first started fixing up the house … is now in the trash. 
Goodbye old friend, may you bring sparkle to the landfill now.

 Installing the new light fixture … yay!

Yes, I still have to paint the ceiling around the base.

 Our kitchen floor is all ripped up now!  And it was a mess even for the contractors – they had a hell of a time even with all of their tools. 
All the people before us really did a number in there … and we are glad to restore it properly!
 See how much they had to cut into the trim work just to get all the other flooring to fit in there over the years …
why wouldn’t you just take the old flooring out first? 
The flooring over the vent was fanagled when they decided to put in the cabinets and re-re-re-cover the flooring. 
So, now our contractors have to figure a way properly fix the fixes!
A while ago, I told you all about a new front porch rug I bought … but I never posted a picture.  Here it is.  Although it looks somewhat worn because the front half is wet and dirty from the rain we’ve been having for about 2 weeks now!
The AWESOME lazy susan that Pat installed for me last week!  It is so so so nice to have a clean, new lazy susan … and to have been able to clean out inside that cabinet (couldn’t get to it before with the old one in there!)
I know it doesn’t look super clean – but I promise it’s just the way the wood has worn and stained. 
IT. IS. CLEAN. (finally)
My cedar chest used to be under these DR windows … we moved it to the bedroom (where it belongs) and it has opened up this room SO nicely!


I saved the BEST for last … I finally got my ottoman today!!  Furniture finished!  And it looks great, and it’s oh, so, comfortable! 

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