One Big Weekend!

Oh Boy.

We got a lot done this weekend.

It was awesome.

And it looks awesome.

We’ve been in the process of cleaning out the garage for about 1 1/2 years now.  With all the projects, it just kept filling up and getting messy over and over again.  Oh, the empty boxes.  So many cardboard boxes.  But, we finally cleaned it out a couple weekends ago, and then this weekend we put together shelves, hung racks and hooks, and Boy oh Boy … it is nice out there.

Pulled EVERYTHING out and took the hose to the garage!
After the clean-out, we put everything back,
but still needed to buy hooks, racks, & shelves to organize.

All of the tables & bookshelf on the right side just need a coat of paint before they come back into the house …
so there will be much less clutter …
but it still looks pretty darn good and has plenty of room!

We finally had to buy a new refrigerator.  We’re actually surprised that it lasted us this long … and it’s been freezing stuff for a long time – milk, beers, club soda.  So, we went out Labor Day weekend and found a great deal.  We didn’t get the fanciest fridge, and decided to opt out of the ice maker upgrade (just means we’d have to put in a water line) … but we did get a pretty great deal.  And, it looks really good.  And this one fits just perfectly in the area, so it looks more like the kitchen was built for it.  And, it runs so well.  And, leaving us with just the stove, counters, and sink to replace now!

AND, last, but CERTAINLY not least.  We hung the interior LR shutters!  WooHoo!!  I am so shutter-excited.  They look SO SO SO good.  It makes the room look brighter, more open, and bigger.  The paint on the walls looks crisper and lighter as well.  They just look so good!  I still have to add some hardware, latches, and knobs … but those are just little details.  🙂

Biggest (and only) problem … now you can REALLY see that the trim needs painting!
Good thing that’s my winter project.

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