We have SO. MUCH. TRIM.

So, my mom had painted the living room/dining room while she was here … and she made the comment that it took her all day (and longer than she estimated) because there was just so much trim to paint around, so it went slower.  I agreed then, but was unaware of the work and time.  Or, should I say that it didn’t really connect with me until this weekend!  I painted around the trim this weekend.  And then I painted around some more trim this weekend.  We have A LOT of trim work!

Pat finished ALL of the spackling!!  YAY!!  He still has a little bit to sand tomorrow, but we are all done with the digging of cracks, spackling, sanding, and repeating … at least in the front half of the house (which is the older part, so we should be pretty set!).  And, if I do say so, he did an awesome job.  The parts that are already painted, you can’t even tell that he had to repair cracks there!  That makes the job so much more gratifying too.

So, this weekend, we finished:

  1. All of the spackling and sanding!
  2. Den is officially ready to be painted.
  3. One coat of paint in the bedroom (I still need to do the top trim work because I need to buy a step stool/ladder that I can paint on … I’m too short, and I’m not a fan of using the ladder we have.)
  4. A second coat of paint around all of the trim in the LR/DR, except the crown molding (for the same reason as #3).

We also ordered our new living room furniture, and got our wallpaper sample in the mail!  So, we were able to see that the whole color scheme matches and everything is really coming together. 

From left … DR wallpaper; my chair; couch & Pat’s chair; curtains/accent color
It’s not nearly as dark as it looks in this picture!

We’re hoping to the finish the painting this week, so that we can start painting the actual trim next weekend.  At the very least, the ceilings and baseboard work has to be done before the floors get finished, which is a week from Wednesday.  Plus, I think that it is mega-optimistic to think that we might be able to get ALL of the trim work painted in one weekend … there is just so much (plus it has to be sanded too!).  But, we feel like we got a lot done this weekend, and it’s starting to be rewarding work (since we can see the results). 

Hopefully the next pictures I post will be of all 4 front rooms painted!  Wish us luck!

Pat finishing the spackling where the drywall & plaster meet!!
Den ready to be painted!
Trim and trim and trim ….
And more trim and trim and trim!


Completely painted fireplace!!
Starting to paint the den!

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