It’s really only been 3 weeks?

All last week, and all this past weekend, we have been busting butt to get these front four rooms done because the floors get refinished this week!  It was a super task to take on … and we didn’t quite get it ALL done, but we did get the vast majority of the high priority work done!

We have cleaned all the wallpaper up and painted all four of those rooms!  The cracks have been repaired and the baseboards have been fixed.  The walls are painted; the Den trim is painted; the baseboards are painted!  The floors are nail, staple, and carpet free.  The fireplace is painted and the dirty, rotten logs have been removed and cleaned up! 

We kind of felt a little defeated this weekend.  We were SO tired and exhausted.  Our hips and backs hurt from being on the floor so much fixing and painting baseboards.  Our arms are like jello from holding the paint brush above our heads painting ceilings and trim.  But, when we stopped to really look around and think about it – we’ve gotten a lot done in 3 short weeks!  Considering the fact that we both work full-time, and this has been a second job for both of us – we’ve gotten really no time off and haven’t quite finished everything we wanted to before having to move – we’ve gotten a lot done!  And we’ve already learned a lot, so I think that we’re going to be pretty good at this home ownership thing.  At least we’ll be better than those who lived there before us (which at this point, we just hate those people; really, actually not funny ha ha anymore – we just hate them for not doing anything right. ever.).

Pat did a GREAT job on the ceilings – and yes, I’m going to say it again.  Because this weekend we painted the dining room ceiling, which was by far the worst to start with, and it looks awesome!  He also replaced the missing sections of baseboard in the den and they also look super!  (with a little help from work friend Paul B. … thanks for helping!)

Stuff still on the list for those front rooms that will have to wait until after we move in:

  1. Paint the closets (interiors).
  2. Paint the crown molding in the LR/DR (might get to this).
  3. Paint the doors & door trim.
  4. Paint the windows & window trim  (The windows all have the pulley systems in them, and most of them need to be repaired.  We plan to repaint the windows one at a time, as we repair the pulley systems to keep the original windows.  Maybe a few this fall, probably most next spring.).

So … here are the final weekend photos.  Enjoy!  Hopefully the next photos I post will be with the newly finished floors!

The ceiling still needs some touch-up.


Baseboard before …
Baseboard after … and it looks even better painted!!!
Baseboard painted!!  (needs touch up, but trust me … it looks great!)

Fireplace is clean, and actually has some cool grates!
Wallpaper has been ordered, and will hopefully be up in the next few weeks!

The house is starting to smell better every day!



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