Something Better than a Dishwasher.

So … the dishwasher now comes in at a VERY close second on the list of Best Things in our House.  The first item on that list is now … drum roll pleaseour very new, completely completed, totally renovated, exceptionally pretty bathroom!

We can hardly believe it’s our bathroom.  It’s everything we wanted and more.  The space looks unbelievable – expecially compared to what it looked like before!  The attention to detail these guys had was beyond amazing.  It’s the best thing we’ve done to this house yet.

The second bathroom is up next, but it’s going to have to wait a week or so.  We have some personal stuff to take care of next week, and our contractor has another job to do; so we agreed to wait just a brief amount of time before they start in on the second tear-down.  I’ll post again then!

There isn’t much else to say … so I’ll just show you pictures!  (Athough, as good as it looks, they just don’t do it justice.)

Awesome attention to detail – like a matching, nice-looking vent cover …

Matching the baseboards throughout the rest of our house …

And, matching the door trims to the rest of our house!

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