This one is going to be pretty too …

The main bathroom is well on it’s way to being completely renovated also.  And it’s going to be awesome. We’ve run into a few alarming items back in this lavatory as well … mainly stupidity ones.  We’re quite positive that the previous owners put this bathroom together on their own, and well … 

  1. There was an electrical outlet behind the old tub.  It was live.
  2. There was a telephone jack behind the old tub.  It was not working (only because we cut all actual land line service lines).
  3. There was just a piece of wood nailed to the house studs, behind which was siding, behind the shower surround.  There was no insulation.

So, our contractors redid some wiring and rid our new tub of both the electrical outlet and phone jack.  Then they added some insulation and rebuilt the wall.  This all helped to make that back part of the house way warmer.  It’s amazing how little siding and a plastic tub surround does to keep a house warm.  I don’t advise it for colder climates.

In the process of the bathroom, we also got an extra hallway light.  Yay!  We had wanted it; they were re-wiring anyway; so it was installed.

And, now I know that this isn’t much of a post, but here are some pics of the updates … and I’ll post more when we finally get some real work done around ehre (possibly some that we pitch in and help on again soon!).

Exposed electrical outlet behind old tub.

Exposed phone jack behind old tub.

Wooded board inserted and nailed to studs – you can slightly see the siding behind that.

New electrical switches – because we (ha, they) had to figure out how everything was wired back there … nothing was were it should be!

Insulated wall behind the shower surround!!

Also, no insulation around any of the piping … and if you remember, there was no insulation in the crawl space before either.  Our contractors said they weren’t sure how the pipes never froze in the past.

New hallway light switch and light (well, place for a fixture to be inserted).

We live in a pretty urban area; really we’re in the middle of the city.  And, we get deer.  They come right up to the houses in the nights and feed on our plants and grass (when it’s not covered by snow).  We’ve seen them three times now.

Oh, and we finally got some end tables … so we’ve put the TV trays away!


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