Rain, rain … GO AWAY!

So, for any of you who have talked to us over the past 2 months know that it’s been raining here, like, non-stop.  For 2 months.  I’m not joking.  We’ve had no Spring, and now it’s about to be over 80+ degrees and muggy.  And, for anyone who has ever even talked to me – I hate being hot*.  Ughhh.

*Unless I just have to lay by a pool or on the beach or some other outdoor activity that warrants good sun and heat, then it’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

So, here are the stats, and pics of what the outside has looked like for as long as we can remember now.  Really, it has been that long!

  • A total of 8.72″ of rain fell in April 2011 – second in stats only to 1996, when they had 9.2″.
  • A total of 5.91″ has fallen in May so far.
  • It rained 19 days in April, but the sun only popped out for 5 days – the rest were cloudy and dreary (with possible drizzle, but no measurable rain, apparently).
  • It has rained 18 days so far in May; the sun has popped out 5 days – the rest were cloudy and dreary (again, with possible drizzle, but no measurable rain, apparently).
  • April’s mean temperature was 54.7 degrees.
  • May’s mean temperature has been 65 degrees.
  • Ohio’s WORST planting season in 53 years – it could cost millions, and we might not have good corn this year (ditto for soybeans, but who cares, right?).

Here’s the standard view from our front porch …

And what they do to our TV when there are storms – because it’s a BIG deal around here.  Mainly it’s Fox … which is also ABC … they are dumb.  I called and complained because it was the American Idol Final – and I lost the fantasy draft to Scotty – SCOTTY the (non-existent) BODY. 
I’m still mad.
About the tv, not the bet.

It’s supposed to be really nice this weekend.  Here’s to hoping … our fingers are crossed.  But, the temps to follow on Saturday – Tuesday are: 78, 88, 89, 90 … etc.  Seriously, I’m P-O’ed about skipping the 70s.  But, no one in this region can complain about it now – so I’m keeping my mouth shut, for the most part.

Also, Pat has made a fine feathered friend … who has nested and laid eggs in my hanging basket.
I should have an update post, post-Memorial Day weekend. We should have a lot to show … so long as the weather cooperates! Have a great holiday!

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