The Kitchen, Part 3 million.

So, remember how I wanted to have my kitchen decorated by the end of the month (July, that is)? Well, it’s August 10 … days, weeks, past my self-imposed (knowingly ridiculous) due date.

My kitchen now looks like this:

Remember this picture … I posted it in May … the kitchen still looks exactly the same … paint still on walls, no switch cover plates, wallpaper glue, stains, pure ugliness.

I’m  not good at made-up deadlines.

This was a fake update, but I thought I’d air my dirty, secret laundry and perhaps it would motivate me to actually do this project.

New made-up deadline – August 25.  Why?  Because after that we don’t have a free weekend until October.  (Don’t worry, most of those weekends are filled with fun-ness and friends!)

We’ll see.

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