Hi there.

Long time, no see.

We haven’t been up to much house-wise, so I haven’t been on here much.  But, we did have a great spring for plants; and we did get a little ahead of the outdoor work already this year, so we thought we’d share some pictures.

The winter was so mild, that I ended up planting tulips in January!  And, I wasn’t sure if they would die, or grow, or what would happen, but they all bloomed and looked amazing!

(Also, on a side note, we have bird ‘friends’ again, so my hanging baskets look like crap.  I will not be hanging any flower baskets again after these birds leave.  period.)

We planted grass on the back yard hill side of our yard.  It has grown in pretty nicely for the first year.

Then, we added a vegetable garden to the patch next to the driveway.  We thought we’d just plant some bushes, but it was just such a primo spot for vegetables – almost all full sun throughout the day, and we were able to craft a pretty genius watering system.  And while the weeds are out of control and hard to keep up with (since we’ve had about the best season ever for everything outdoors to grow!), we are starting to get some pretty impressive vegetables.  And they taste great!

And finally, on a non-house note … we had a trip to see Mumford & Sons in concert cancelled, so we went and bought bikes.  (I mean, we’ve been thinking about this for a while, but the financial timing of the cancelled trip just was too perfect to pass up on this purchase!)  They are great bikes, and we’ve been riding them all over the neighborhood!  We even went to get gourmet Sweet P’s popsicles today, which were a great treat in this 90+ degree weather!

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