Outside work is way better in October!

So … we’ve been getting projects done around here again.  And, since it has been a long weekend and I’m tired, I’ll just show you.

Stuff you get to see:

  • Outdoor porch/lattice painted.
  • New shutters hung.
  • Back doors painted.
  • Kitchen lights updated.

The porch is painted. 
3 weekends.  
1st weekend: stripped, sanded, primed (x2) the porch; did some concrete touch-up work
2nd weekend: painted porch (x2), painted front lattice around porch
3rd weekend: painted lattice in front of house, and repainted lattice around porch; 2nd concrete touch-up work.

Still to do:

  1. Paint the door
  2. Paint the pillars
  3. Paint side of stairs (because the paint on the concrete/bricks you see in the pictures was not painted by me!)
  4. Finish concrete touch-up
  5.  Paint the lattice on either side of the porch (pieces to keep people from falling off the porch)
  6. New furniture, house numbers, etc.

Hopefully next weekend will also be nice out so I can completely finish this list before winter!

Also, the back hallway doors are now black.  It’s a high-gloss gel paint, and I thought I’d love it … but I’m only so-so on it.  But, it’s growing on me, and I’ve got too many other projects to do.  This one is already checked off the list, so it’s just going to stay checked off the list.

We also updated all of the under-cabinet lights in the kitchen, thus making use of a wall switch that has been dead since we moved in.  And, these lights look good, but mostly I just like that the switch is finally doing something!

And, as a final treat … we went back to Natural Bridge State Park in KY this weekend.  We were hoping the leaves would have changed a bit more, but the weather has been wacky, and there are a lot of evergreens; so not as vibrant of colors as we hoped, but still a great day trip!

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