Since we left you guys …

It’s been almost 3 years since we posted anything!

Ummmmm, sorry.

We’ve done quite a bit of work and organizing since we left you hanging with that last blog post about the kitchen update.  So, I thought we’d close out the “first” blog about our first house renovations with a big ol’ update.  A lot of these updates are new to the blog … but not-at-all new to us … so I’ll try to catch everything, but, well, you know.  (It’s been like 3 years, guys … so I might miss some stuff.)

And, it’s winter and the holiday season now … so these update pics are all snow and decorations and fun … but you’ll get the basic gist of (some of) the updates listed.

(If you’re new here, and want to see what we were working with at the beginning, click here; then come back and look at these pictures … we’ve come a looooong way.) 

Living Room & Dining Room Updates

  1. New rugs & some furniture
  2. New lighting fixture
  3. New curtains

dsc04556 dsc04564 dsc04558 dsc04562

Kitchen Updates

  1. New stove!
  2. Updated paint color

dsc04566 dsc04567 dsc04568 dsc04571

Master Bedroom & Bathroom Updates

  1. New (black)paint (… and Patrick didn’t think it would look good … it looks the best! Side note:  I did it all while he was out of town one weekend.  He knew I was doing it, but wasn’t there to stop me.)
  2. New built-in book shelves

dsc04552 dsc04553img_20161216_164240dsc04549 dsc04550

Den Updates

  1. New stuff … and so we had to rearrange a lot of things, which included building new shelves and buying new rugs and furniture … but not a lot of renovation, mostly stuff that’ll come with us.

dsc04554 dsc04555

Back Hallway, 2nd Bathroom, and Guest Bedroom Updates

  1. New organization cabinets
  2. More built-in coat hooks
  3. FINALLY, bi-fold closet doors!  (Of all of these updates, I was probably most excited about this one … and every time I use them, I’m still so impressed with myself.)

dsc04572dsc04575dsc04573dsc04576 dsc04577 dsc04578

Garage & Basement Updates

  1. Organized & cleaned!  (Both need to be painted before we sell … but it’s so much nicer now.)

… no pictures here, but before we move, we’ll put some up.

Outside Updates

  1. We cut the tree in the front corner down.  (A few years ago, an ice storm ruined it, but every summer it kind-of grew; last summer it was clear it was actually just dying.)
  2. New metal garden beds – and they worked GREAT … too bad we won’t be taking them with us.
  3. Driveway reseal.
  4. New front porch curtains, rug, chairs, and flower pots.
  5. Our rose bushes and weeping cherry tree are  all doing GREAT!
  6. Unfortunately, the stupid squirrels ate all of my tulip bulbs – I have like 5 that come up annually now, but those 5 are pretty.
  7. Also, we never have figured out the shady, front garden bed; so last year, we just gave up and planted all hostas.  They grow like crazy over there and looked pretty good.

adjusted-house dsc04539 dsc04538 dsc04545 dsc04547_2

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