The Guest Bedrooms (both of them!)

I’m back. (more to show!) Second day. Second update. (just look at me. 🦚) So, I started these bedrooms back in October 2018. And, I *almost* finished them in October 2018. Only, I ran out of trim. I mis-cut a piece and then didn’t have enough because I literally only bought EXACTLY the inches I needed. (I’d say … More The Guest Bedrooms (both of them!)

We did some stuff.

We’ve actually been working on some miscellaneous house projects over the summer, and I thought it was about time to catch the blog up. (I’ve also been working on finishing the basement … and it’s really close … but not quite completely finished … but that’s the next update, promise?) Inside the house – Main … More We did some stuff.

The Basement, Part 3

Another update on the basement … which is still the only renovation being completed at our house, so you’ll be all caught up. The crew had a nice break from our house … and a bit of gorgeous February weather to work on someone else’s deck. 😊 It took the drywall finisher about 2 weeks … More The Basement, Part 3

The Basement, Part 1

And, they’re back! The same crew that built our deck for us, is not finishing our basement. And it came together fast – maybe too fast. But, it’s coming along fast too – which is good. We’re ready to be done with these big projects. And this is basically the end of them. After this, … More The Basement, Part 1

Full Bathroom, ✓

This one is exciting for me. For several reasons. (1) The bathroom is finished. Completed. And it looks great! (2) I’ve literally been working on this room, off & on, for the entire past year. Literally. (3) Now, when you walk upstairs, you don’t see this eyesore of a half-demoed room welcoming you to our … More Full Bathroom, ✓