The Finished (finished side of the) Basement

Hi guys. 👋

It’s been a while.     Again.

But, I’m back for a few updates this time.     Yay!

First, the basement.

It’s finished. (Well, almost, but it’s been this finished for a year now, sooooooo, yeah.)

Anyway, it’s amazing.

We love it.

It started off really well. It got a little rocky there for a while. It took WAY longer than planned (although, we always anticipate this because, well, it always does. Duh.) And, we ended up doing way more work than we thought we’d be responsible for finishing. But …

It. Looks. Good.

Oh, and we love it.

Filling in the back story … We hired the same crew that build our deck. Turns out they are much more into construction than finish work. The one guy does seem really interested in the craftsmanship work, so he did do some finish work in the basement … but I ended up following behind filling in the gaps (both literally and figuratively). There was just a lot of little stuff that wasn’t up to our standards. So, then it took more time, (more $$), and quite a bit of elbow grease to get it there.

But, now that it’s finished, we love it.

I mean, LOVE. IT.

(I’ve told you 4 times now – because we really do!)

We still have some plans to finish up the design aesthetic (read: only I have the plans). For example, someday I might add a tile backsplash to the kitchenette area. And, those stools – I really want to spray them in a black or dark steel finish so that they match the other metals/colors (they’re chocolate brown with metallic specs now. ew.) And, eventually we’ll get something to fill in that space by the refrigerator in the back corner – like a bistro table or the like. (which, both of us are on board with that last one! 😉 ) But, otherwise, it’s finished. FINISHED! We use it all the time and we’re so happy with the final, finished room(s)!

Coming soon … bedrooms, the office, and maybe a 2-year update (like a couple months late). (See – we haven’t stopped working; I just stop blogging, for a looooooong while.)

[Pictures of the progress & final room … B&A at the end.]

Enjoy. (We sure do!)coverpicDSC06229DSC06230DSC06232DSC06234DSC06235DSC06236DSC06237DSC06241DSC06243bathroomDSC06250DSC06253DSC06259


And, the before & afters … its’ come a long way. (It was a fun & frustrating process. 🙂 )


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