Officially under contract.


3 days.  It only took 3 days.  The listing went up on Monday afternoon.  By Thursday evening, we had an offer.  By Friday morning, negotiations were over and we had a signed contract.

We cancelled 2 showings and an open house for that weekend.

The Saturday showing still wanted to see the house.  (We allowed it.)

The new buyer seemed super excited.  (We got to listen in on the conversation between her and her realtor because she didn’t mute them talking.)

Next up is financing approval (which we’ve been assured she has, but she has 3 days to prove it to us), and inspections.

If everything goes well, we’ll be officially single-home owners on Monday, May 1, 2017.

On Friday morning, I’m not sure I could have even described what I was feeling.  It was super confusing to me.  Over the weekend, it was a roller coaster of emotions … partly because we now have a deadline, partly because someone else will be calling my home their home.  All of our work – now their house.  It’s weird.  And, all very exciting and sad and confusing.

Every time I did something over the weekend, I thought – this isn’t really my kitchen anymore, be careful (because if you break it now you really do have to just buy it for someone else), I wonder what she’ll change and what she’ll keep, and on and on and on.

This house had nothing that we wanted when we bought it, except 3 things:  a dishwasher, 2 full bathrooms, and a solid investment.  But, we managed.  We turned a bedroom into a den.  We updated the front porch as best as we could to have some outdoor space.  We took the jack-and-jill bathroom as the master bathroom.  It worked for us.

Our new house literally checks all of our boxes (or at least it will when we are finished renovating).  And, now that the contractors are out and it’s all up to us … it’s starting to feel like we’re making progress and this house will also be a good home.  So … now the pressure is on and while it seems like we have some time, 6 weeks is not that long.

But, if everything goes smoothly from now until closing, we’ll be moved in and hopefully settled just in time for the good weather to hit and enjoy our summer.

But, for now, inspections.

And painting.


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