Part 1: Keep Out.

We bought new door knobs.  Now, no one with a key from the previous owners can enter our house at will.  (Took us long enough.)  I bought new knobs WAY back in March … and when I tried to install them, well, they just didn’t go together.  The screws were too big or the holes were too small or whatever.  So, I returned them all to Home Depot.  And, I ordered the exact same knobs from another company.  Figured, I’ll give it one more shot before moving on; maybe I just got a faulty batch?  Well, these new knobs were good.  Still tight, but I was able to get the 2 outside doors completely put together.  Then … well … the garage door lever had the same problem as the previous batch.  And this time, the screw actually sheered while I was trying to unscrew it to just return the one, lone misfit.  So, then I had to wait on just the one, garage door lever.  We put tape over it for a quick minute, just to keep any bugs out.  But, I have to say,, well, they are a pretty great company to work with.  They sent out a new one right away and I received it in only a few days … and now we are totally in business!  All entry way doors have new levers and deadbolts, and we really like them.  I’m excited to get the inside doors painted so that we can change them all out.


Part 2: You can’t see me.

Our new shades arrived!  And, they look great.  A bit of a headache to hang.  But, overall, they are providing the perfect amount of light and privacy.  We’re happy with them.  (Plus, on a high side note, we moved the temporary café curtains from the front windows to the upstairs bathroom, so now we have curtains hanging in both of our upstairs bathrooms. Took us long enough!)

This one only had a couple of glitches, but we were able to work with them.  The bathroom curtain on the main level was 2” too short.  They are custom shades, so I had to send in measurements; and only 1 out of the 8 ordered that came in measuring incorrectly.  We did, however, also have one with a blue pen mark across the top of it.  I called the company to see what they could do for us, and they are going to replace both shades.  Bad news, we have to wait another 3+ weeks to receive the replacements, so no bathroom shade again … yet.  (We had these shades for 3 weeks before we had time, or decided to take the time, to hang these shades … probably not the best idea … but it’s what happened.)


* Bathroom shade picture, well, whenever we get the replacement. 

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