She’s crazy. (But in a good way!)

Guess what we arrived home to on Tuesday night?  Rita, our neighbor, hacking away at more of our yard.  I told her she was crazy – so I figure if I’ll say it to your face, I can put it on paper the internet, right?

We had this crazy over-growth by our driveway.  It originally didn’t extend all the way into the driveway, but with all the rain (I know, I’ll stop talking about it someday), the plants/weeds/whatever just continued to take over our driveway.  It was our next big task.

Well, she said that she was out doing some work in her yard, and just came over to see how we were going to tackle this area (she said WE!).  And, well, then she just started cutting and before she knew it, she was half way done.  Along with a “Really, I don’t mind, this is therapy to me; you just go inside and eat dinner – you just got home from work.”  So, that’s what I did.  Pat on the otherhand, went out to help her with the second half.  I should mention that I wasn’t feeling well, and had only gotten a couple hours of sleep the night before – I was actually planning on attacking the bushes that night?

We didn’t realize how much room we had over there!  We’re going to extend our driveway just a bit so that both of us can park up there without having to move cars around every day!  It’s awesome!  Also – found a bunch more rocks and bricks, so I might not need to buy many.  And, almost enough paver stones to make a path from the driveway to the side door – more mulla in our pockets!!

And, now just as it was fair to explain how awesome Rita is, and how she kicked our butts at yard work (see previous post) … I also have to tell you that she’s been wanting to clean up this lawn for about 15 years now … so she’s got her agenda too.  She said that at least a few times a year she has to come out and clip this driveway area because it impeeds into her yard so much and she doesn’t want it taking over.  Plus, we think she’s just excited to not live next to people who do nothing with or for their houses and yards.  We want this place to look amazing.  And we’re getting there one step at a time!

Here’s what the driveway area looks like … still a ton of work to do, but way better than before!


The city picks up yard debris every other week … so we didn’t do as much on our yard this weekend (so it doesn’t sit for 2 weeks), and we’ll pick it back up next weekend.  But, we did pay it forward and help plant in our neighbor’s front yard … Rita was going to help her, but broke her ankle, and so we helped Rita help her.  It’s pretty awesome to live in a sweet neighborhood. 

AND, I did hedge those bushes around the back corner of our house, and it helps that area look way nicer.


AND, I painted our front porch wicker chairs and table … with the paint sprayer … it was awesome, in case you’re wondering.

Paint sprayer is awesome … oh, did I already say that?
It went SO fast … this was half way when we had to add more paint to the tub!

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