It will forever be known as …

the vacation when Pat lost his wedding ring.  In the Atlantic Ocean.  And then bought goggles an hour later to look for it.

He didn’t find it, in case you’re wondering.

Here’s the details:

Marissa has an annual work event; this year it was held at the Boca Raton Resort & Club in Florida.  Spouses are invited.  Pat came.  We took an extra day of vacation, so we’d have 1.5 days after my meeting to hang out and relax.  So, on our vacation day – Thursday it was – we went to the beach.  Nice day.  Big waves.  Fun in the sun. Warm water.  I had some sweet wave moves; Pat tried to copy my awesome water moves.  It was a blast.  We got out (playing in big waves becomes exhausting as you get older).  Dried off.  Lay on beach chairs with towels.  My ring went bling in the Miami sun.  Pat’s ring did not (and not just because his has no diamonds).  Oops. 

At that point, what do you do … I mean seriously, look for it?  We did look around in the sand, thinking (hoping) maybe it just fell off while he was drying off … and I looked a bit down by the tide … but who are we kidding?   The Atlantic Ocean is the 2nd biggest body of water on this planet, and Pat’s ring is another treasure amid the pirate ships and sea life; forever lost to it.

We left and went to the beach bar, where we had a beer (Pat had 2).  Then he said, lets go back and look so that at least we can say we looked for it.  I was not interested.  It had been an hour plus.  If we were going to find it (not happening), it would not be an hour later.  But, we went back.  Pat asked the lifeguard for goggles.  He put them on and dove back out into the ocean (yes, really).  He walked up and down the beach.

See above for final result.

So … anywho … we had a great time regardless.  It was warm and sunny and just nice out.  We saw some enormous yachts and great views. 
And got nothing done around the house.

Pat was getting mad about me taking so many pictures …

18th green … tee are back to the middle right of the picture … sweet hole.

Meet Claire … pretty girl.

We played lawn chess … I won.

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