Everyone should do this once.

Go on a hot air balloon ride.
Do it.
It’s amazing. (That’s an understatement.)

Pat got me a hot air balloon ride for Christmas this year.  We’ve scheduled it twice so far this year – but because of the rain (it ruined everything, really), we had to reschedule twice.  It was finally planned for June 25, and we went on June 25.  I can’t say enough awesome things about this adventure.  It was just plain crazy awesome.  One of the coolest things we’ve ever done.  Everyone needs to take a hot air balloon ride. (At least once … but I almost guarantee that you’re going to want to go again!)

I’ll let the pictures do the talkin’, but here are some tidbits about our ride:

  • just after sunrise – took off about 8am
  • it was cloudy and hazy, but cleared up quickly once we were up in the air
  • about an hour in the sky
  • went up about 1200 ft. at our highest
  • traveled about 12 miles
  • took off from a small airport; landed in a baseball diamond at a park
  • had a fantastic, super friendly crew from Bella Balloons (http://www.flybellaballoons.com/)

Our balloon!
We took off from down there … see the SUV w/trailer – that’s our chaser (pick-up ride!)

Our shadow!

We landed just past these baseball diamond.

Now, onto house stuff.  The balloon ride was Saturday, and we didn’t do much the rest of the day … except make a trip to Home Depot to view stuff for our front yard.  We ended up buying flowers, dirt, a tree, grass seed, and mulch (among other littler things).


Here’s what else we’ve gotten done:

Replanted the hanging baskets.  Flowers now grow from center and move outwards to the edges of the baskets, which should mean no more room for birds, I think.

Rita scraped the front piece of lattice so that I could paint it before planting.  (She wanted to, I swear.  She saw us outside and has been so couped up and it’s driving her nuts; but there’s not much she can do, so she asked to scrap while we work on other stuff.  Who am I to deny?)  I sprayed it down and we painted tonight!  We also planted, but we’re not finished mulching and laying the rock border … so more pictures on that later this week!  We’re this close to having a front yard that looks good – the first outside improvement!

It’s amazing how much better the WHOLE house looks from something as simple as repainting lattice …
it just pops!

Replaced the front porch lights!!!  These lights look a bit modern now that they are actually hanging up; but I think that once I replace the lattice with railing, and paint the porch, etc. – they might be more suitable.  Also we got a new mailbox!! And removed the ugmo street number sign.  There were sticky street numbers under that – dumb.  They didn’t even bother peeling them off before hanging something over it – why do more work than necessary!? 

Side note – we hope that we hooked up the electrical correctly; it was old wiring to new wiring, and the people before us hooked up a black splice to the old white wire and a white splice to the old black wire and connected the lights that way.  We’re not sure if they knew something that we didn’t about the wiring, but we’re banking on ‘we’re smarter than them since everything else they’ve done in this house has been utterly stupid and ass-backwards‘ and we connected the wires the traditional way.  So far, no fires.

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