Mom, look. Look.

Looooook what we did … Mo om, LOOK, Look now!

Our front yard is now re-planted.  With flowers & a tree … grass still to come.  The tree is really little for now, but will grow.  All of the rocks came right from our own yard – buried, scattered around the perimeter of the house … and we still have plenty left!

Oh, we are proud of our work here.

And the hanging basket flowers are thriving (and still bird-free!)

We’ve actually done quite a bit more over the past week … we’ve had A LOT of irons in the fire, projects partially complete, a mess-house if you will.  Well, they are sweetly and truly coming to a wondrous end (but don’t worry, there are PLENTY more to come – but maybe in the future, we’ll start one at a time!) 


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