It’s safe again.

Also, we have light again.

The electrician arrived and installed a junction box.

The lights in the basement work again.

The outside light on the back patio works again.

The outlet works now.

[We did ask the electrician to move the outlet down a bit to match the height of the other outlets, and apparently it can’t be done that easily.  The wires come from upstairs or up in the wall somewhere and without tearing a bunch of stuff out to re-route the wires or capping them and running all new wires, we cannot reposition the outlet.  Our only option is to remove the outlet and put a cover plate over the area.  And, at that point it seems stupid to remove a perfectly good, albeit too high, outlet.  So, we’ll just have to live with it where it is. … So, that is something that MAN was not lying to us about … he just didn’t explain it very well.]

Also, no word from MAN since Patrick’s last conversation.

We’re still waiting on that $70.

(We’re not getting it …)

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