Moving in, + 2 Weeks.

First, some quick Updates:

  1. Patrick met with the claims guy from the furniture store the Monday after the incident. He definitely saw the HUGE scratch in the master bedroom floor.  And didn’t argue at all about whether or not the delivery guys put it there.  And, he asked Patrick what it would take to make him satisfied.  Patrick relayed to him the verbal quote our floor guy gave us, and the furniture store is cutting us a check for that amount.  So … now we just have to decide if we’re going to try to fix it the DIY way, or if we’re going to get the floors refinished.
  2. Also, they replaced the headboard. And, as it turns out, the tufted part just unscrews from the back … so they didn’t even have to remove the current headboard.  They just unscrewed the defective one, and screwed in the replacement … and good as new.  Well, I guess it is new; the whole bed is new … so … exactly what we ordered. 😊
  3. We’ve done nothing yet with the kitchen floor (the bare wood spot that we had to sand after I ruined it). Too busy.  Too much traffic and dirt moving around. (excuses, excuses)
  4. Just in case ANYONE is wondering … Man never did give us ANY of our money back.  Since we’re not dead, you can appreciate that we weren’t holding our breath.  (If you’re not caught up, you can read about this here, here, and here.)

Before actually moving in, but during moving week, I spent some time at the new house, unpacking boxes.  I wanted to get all of the kitchen unpacked, and make sure the boxes in the LR & FR were either unpacked or organized in the corners so that the movers didn’t have to navigate around them.  So, by the end of the week the house was pretty much as put together as we could get it (and minus any furniture or actual living items).  During this week, we also took a little time to update a few of the miscellaneous items we had already bought, but hadn’t had time to install yet … like Patrick installed all new light bulbs and I installed the new knobs on the kitchen cabinets.  It’s always amazing to me WHAT a difference a little detail like that can make.  They transformed the kitchen.





Now … 2+ weeks in … and this is what it looks like.

Some stuff is organized (but a lot of other stuff still isn’t).

We bought and assembled 2 new dressers.

We have some food in the refrigerator.  (which is good, because we were eating only cereal for a while there.)

We had TV and internet installed (which, by the way, they had to run from the pole because the couple before us never had those things, or they used dial-up, or something?).

We’ve walked downtown a few times for dinner and/or drinks.

The flowers are coming in and we have SO MANY … Iris, peonies, hydrangea, roses, and a whole bunch that I can’t remember the names of … but my mom and grandma told us when they were here.

We also have a mole.  He’s gotta go.  Patrick’s in charge of that.

We still have no bathroom on the main level (well, we have one, but it has NOTHING in it, so we don’t use it).

The garage and basement are still full of boxes and empty shelves.

The closets are not organized.

A lot of my clothes are still in boxes … as it plenty of our bathroom stuff.


Our commutes are amazing.

Our evenings are full of time.

There are plenty of new places to explore.

There is so much new to do!

(Maybe, we should use some of that free time to unpack boxes … but that’s unnecessary … we live here now … we can just do it whenever, right?)

One last note.  This is the last of the previously written, but never posted posts … and, we’ve been starting to work again … so, *hopefully* over the next week or so, I’ll get this blog caught up to the real-time house renovation.  We’ve got exciting stuff coming soon. Really exciting. Main-reason-we-bought-this-house exciting.



We have TV!
We have internet!


“I just want to try something,” he said. It took up the ENTIRE wall! It was cool, for a night.
Of course, we had CRAZY storms & pouring rain the whole first weekend we lived here. A tree down the road even split in half. (No person or property was damaged; it fell across the street, directly between 2 mailboxes, and next to a car in the driveway.)

IMG_20170512_182013IMG_20170504_200627IMG_20170504_200648IMG_20170504_205112_408IMG_20170514_181513IMG_20170504_200820clone tag: -7098734827751775247

This bay window may turn into a cleaning nightmare?!?!

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