It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s wood.

It’s log, log, it’s better than bad, it’s good.  (Ren & Stimpy, circa 1991)

We have wood! Lots of wood!  In the form of planks … which all came from logs. 🙂

Originally, they delivered *white oak flooring. After taking a closer look at the 3 upstairs bedrooms, which have existing wood floors, they determined those rooms had *red oak installed.  And the existing stair treads, which we’re keeping, are also red oak.  So, they switched it all out.  Red oak and white oak look just slightly different.  They take stain just a little differently.  So, had we installed *white oak in the remainder of the house, those upstairs 3 bedrooms just would have never looked continuous.  There would have always been just a bit of disconnect between the new oak hallway, stairs, master, and main level.

I would have been okay with that.  I always figured that those bedrooms would never look quite the same as the new floors.

Those 3 bedrooms have common grade boards in them, and we’re installing select grade. The 3 bedrooms have floors that are 46 years old, with the wears and tears that go with being 46 years old.  The new floors will be, well, new.  So, I never assumed the 3 spare bedrooms would quite match the rest of the newly installed floors.

But, Matt … the flooring guy … thought it’d be worth it to get them looking as close to the same as possible.  So, they delivered a whole truckload of select grade, *white oak last week.  Next, they removed the whole truckload of *white oak.  Then, they delivered a whole truckload of select grade, *red oak this week.  Now, they’ve installed a whole truckload of select grade, *red oak.

And it already looks damn good.


Between the updated/new ceilings and the new floors … it’s like a whole different house.

We’re riding a high point on this emotional roller coaster … and we’re going to revel in it for a bit.

Come.  See for yourself.

Join us.  It’s blissful here.

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