#favoritethings from our #firsthouse.

This post is just mostly for me.  We’ve put a lot into our first house.  And, our new house is not the same style at all.  Which is good.  I’m ready for a change.  And the new house will allow us to incorporate some pieces and spaces we couldn’t at our first house.  But, I … More #favoritethings from our #firsthouse.

Hard Stop.

  Let’s continue … So, Friday night?  After we finished working ALL week on the house and felt like it was a mad rush to the finish?  We left Cincinnati, headed home, and walked to the Club for food & drinks. It was a nice treat.  It’s been more than a few weeks since we’ve … More Hard Stop.

Priming and Painting

  I’ve been slacking on the updating here.  But, we’ve been getting things done at the house.  So, it’s fair. The flooring guy came back to fix the shoe.  Mostly it looks good.  Some of it I’m going to have to just fix myself.  And, we’re not sure what he did (because he certainly did NOT … More Priming and Painting

Baseboards + more.

We have over 500 linear feet of baseboards.  And, I painted all of it this past week.  Twice. I might have ruined my left knee, hip, and elbow; along with my right shoulder, forearm, wrist and hand. I spent 16+ hours on those gorgeous, (really hard) wood floors.  I felt every single moment of it. … More Baseboards + more.

Sigh of relief.

One thing. We are completely happy with this one thing that we’ve hired contractors to do so far in this house. The floors. They look amazing. They seriously are a game-changer in this house. Between the door openings and these floors, we now own what feels like a completely different house. We had a couple … More Sigh of relief.

Real Progress!

Finally, some great news! Our floors are going in! Last weekend, we demoed the half bathroom on the main floor (except the toilet base because it was glued to the tiles or something). Last week the flooring company demoed the weird layer of particle board we had under all of the main level floors. Now, … More Real Progress!