One thing, and now another.

So, it seems like we just can’t catch a break with this house.  For all the progress we make, it seems like someone else comes in and moves it all a few steps back.

Very short version:

We bought a new bed, and I cleaned the master bedroom floors … just in time for them to deliver the bed and put a big scratch in our brand new stinkin’ floors.

Full version:

We bought a new bed.  In this house we have an extra guest bedroom, so we decided to buy ourselves a new bed.  Yay.

The bed frame was scheduled for delivery on Tuesday.  The mattresses later in the week.

Tuesday afternoon, the delivery guy calls a full hour before they are scheduled window – when does that ever happen?  I asked if he could give me another ½ hour because I wasn’t ready for them.  I needed to clean the floors in the bedroom.

I went upstairs and immediately got on my hands and knees and scrubbed the bedroom floor.  Once the furniture goes in, this will be near impossible – so it needed to be done first.  And it needed time to dry.

Delivery guys get there a little after 3pm.

I showed him the bedroom and was explicitly clear that the floors were brand new and asked him to make sure they are VERY careful not to scratch them.  I literally said to him – “My husband will go ballistic if something happens to these floors, so please be very careful.”

Then, we had a brief, but weird conversation about felt pads for the legs.  I didn’t have them.  I forgot them at home and just didn’t go buy more that morning.  I asked them to just set the bed up and not move it, don’t bother sliding it into place.  We’d add the felt pads to the feet later, ourselves.  He was worried that if we did that, while we lifted one end of the bed, one of the other legs would scratch the floors.  I assured him that if WE scratched our own floors (days after they delivered the bed), we would definitely not hold them responsible.

Then, they carried the footboard upstairs (which is also a bench, so, it’s big).

Then one guy carried one really big, heavy box with the railings and hardware up to the bedroom.

Then, they came in with the headboard.  We bought a king bed.  It’s big.  Our stairs dead-end into a wall upstairs.

They got mostly up the stairs and he called me over.  He stated that they couldn’t get the bed up any further and that it didn’t fit.

Damn it.

I asked if they could tip it up on its end to get it up the stairs.  He told me that our ceilings weren’t tall enough.  I said that we had 8’ ceilings and that I thought a king bed wasn’t any wider than 7’ or so?  He said that a king bed was probably 13’ or more in width.  I said that I didn’t think that they were that big.  He asked if I had a tape measure so he could show me.  I did.  He measured.  It was 7’4”.

I was being really nice, and kind of playing dumb at this point (taking a cue from my husband, telling me that I need these guys to help me here).

So, they tried to turn it vertical, but they couldn’t get it up high enough.  It’s a pretty solid, heavy headboard.

He said, it’s a no-go.

I said, well, can you try swinging it the other way into the bathroom?  That way if it fits, you can just walk it straight into the bedroom.  I said I didn’t know if it would fit, but we were going to end up paying a restocking fee on the mattresses if this didn’t work out and I just wanted to be able to tell my husband that we tried everything and it just wouldn’t fit upstairs.  (And, if I’m being honest, that is literally the simplest way to move furniture into our upstairs, so as guys who move furniture ALL DAY LONG, I’m not sure why they didn’t try that first?)

It fit.  In about less than a minute.  With room to spare.

Straight into the bathroom, straight into the more than big enough master bedroom.

I left them to set the bed up.

He called me back upstairs to have me look at the bed.

Before anything was even said – I walked in and there was a really long, very noticeable scratch from the doorway all the way into the bedroom to the bathroom door.  I immediately bent over, licked my finger, and tried to scuff it out.  I was really *hoping* it was just a line of dirt/dust from the box or the moving blankets.

As soon as I bent over, main deliver guys says, “We didn’t do that.”

I said, “You definitely did do this.  This was not here before you guys got here.”

He said, “No, we didn’t drag any of the furniture along the floor.  We set it all down right were we set up the bed.”

I said, “Well, this was definitely not here before you guys came today.  I literally just cleaned these floors and they were in perfect condition.”

Him, “Well, ma’am, we definitely did not do that.”

I said, “Well, it wasn’t there before and it is now – so you definitely did do this.”

He didn’t ask me to sign anything.  He just showed me my hex wrench and instruction papers for putting the bed together, and left.

I immediately went to get the floor cleaner – hoping, really hoping, that this would just clean up.

It did not.

I sent a picture to Patrick.

He went ballistic (DUH) – in a very angry, pissed off way to me (but not at me, obviously), but a very professional way to the store manager when he called.

I emailed the store manager a bunch of pictures.

He saw that there was definitely a big scratch in our floors.

What happened?

I figured it out after they left.

Remember, the one guy, the helper, that carried the box of railings and hardware upstairs himself.  He was struggling, like a lot.  When I saw him, I thought – he is going to drop that box and one of those corners is going to put a huge dent in our floors and Patrick is going to spaz.  He did not drop it.  But he did get it upstairs, put it down, and slide it from the hallway … all the way into the bedroom … right across our brand-new floors.  And, I don’t know what scratched the floors – I’m assuming the box probably had some plastic zip ties around it to hold it together (it was mega heavy, see pictures of the side railings, they are solid wood and no joke).

So, the main delivery guy was correct that they did not drag furniture across our floors.  And, he was not there when the helper guy pushed/dragged the box across the floors.  So, to his knowledge, they really didn’t do that.

Except they did do that.

AND, after all that (and because of all that) – I didn’t notice that the headboard was defective until after they had already ledt.  It’s missing a tufted area, which is not okay.  And, not that I would fix a brand-new bed – but it’s not even possible to fix myself.  You’d need a machine to tuft this headboard.  So, now that has to be replaced too.


So, we bought the bed at Furniture Fair.  We filed a claim with them.  We’ll know more next week.

On a final note, we do really like the bed.  We really want to keep it.  So we’re really hoping this claims process is straight-forward and easy.  And that they can just replace the headboard.  We really do like the bed.  So, fingers-crossed.



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