I took vacation on Monday & Tuesday this week.

I used it to work on the house.

I tried to warn you that this wasn’t a real vacation (see that question mark in the title???).

I continued our uber productive weekend right into the start of this week.

On Monday, I primed the hallway and half bathroom that I hadn’t gotten to over the weekend.  I also painted all of the trim in the kitchen, hallway, and bathroom.  That’s 5 doorways, 2 windows, and 1 huge bay window.  And, I painted the pocket door (which still needs one more coat).

It was a long day.  But it was a good day.

Patrick came on Monday after work and cleaned out the garage.  We can park in there again.  Yay!

Then, on Tuesday I painted the kitchen and hallway (ceilings & walls) … roller ceiling, roller walls, cut-in trim, cut-in corners, roller ceilings, roller walls, cut-in cabinets, small-roller behind counters x2.

The painting in the kitchen is FINISHED.

We’re getting there.  Which is good because we have a move date.  And a moving company scheduled.  And it’s not that far away.  But, we’re getting there.


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